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    One-stop manufacturing


    NSR has R&D centers in Cixi and Shanghai. The development teams stay close to customers during product development phase, possessing strong ability to co-develop and optimize design. NSR possesses a number of inventions and utility model patents. In addition, NSR has a post-doctoral research center, transforming research results into practical results.

    Mold Design

    The Tooling Department at NSR has 140+ members with an average working experience of 10+ years. We possess 200 sets of precision fabrication and testing equipment of international brands, including Swiss Agie, Japanese Makino, Sodick, Hexagon, and others. Since we are making our tooling in house, we can support our customers with quality tooling and shorten development cycles.

    Metal Stamping

    NSR has 100+ sets of various kinds of stamping equipment, focusing on the development of precision metal stamping die. Implementing automatic or semi-automatic production lines for stamping and secondary processes. Our engineers have abundant experience in completing a number of technological breakthroughs and product upgrades.

    Injection Moulding

    NSR injection molding team is large and is abundant in technical strength. While adopting the latest CAD/CAM/CAE technologies and integrated management system, we integrate advanced full process capabilities. While keeping efficient, high quality, economical production concept in mind, we offer comprehensive package solution to customers.

    Surface Treatment

    NSR in-house surface treatment team has 80+ members. We obtain sophisticated equipment and comprehensive capabilities to deal with different surface finish needs. We can do gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, tin plating, zinc plating, zinc-nickel plating and other processes. We provide high quality and high value professional services for customers.

    Automated Assembly

    Our in-house automation development team focuses on developing automated and unmanned production processes. We are capable of automatic production line planning, design, assembly, programming, debugging, maintenance, etc. We are good at automatic assembly, high-speed pin insertion, welding, brazing, automatic packaging, multi-insert mold uploading, in-mold injection, CCD detection, etc.

    Mass Production & Deliveries

    NSR has manufacturing bases in domestic and overseas markets. Our goal is to be near our core customers and situated within the transportation hubs. NSR has sufficient production capacity and can quickly respond to deployment needs of customer supply chain.

    R&D and Innovation

    Ningbo Sunrise not only focus on the R&D of technologies and product development, but also attend to the continuous improvement of process, workflow and management. Ningbo Sunrise inspires the spirit of innovation in every employee in daily operation.


    Independent R&D

    Global Response

    Digital Management

    Guided by lean production and adhering to independent development, Ningbo Sunrise features industrial Internet platform, collaborative office platform and big data analysis platform. These platforms are comprehensively helping the Company in forming agile upstream and downstream supply chains, building intelligent manufacturing base and conducting enterprise management.

    Amoeba Management Platform

    Collaborative Office Platform

    Industrial Internet Platform

    SAP System

    Strategic Partners

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